Lizard Point


Nomen est omen. To sum up the mystery: «Der Name ist Programm».
«Lizard Point» was written in 2018 for the EXPAN quartet to be performed at the EXPAN festival 2018 in Spittal an der Drau / Carinthia. On the one hand the piece was inspired by the structure of computer languages. Its musical form is infused with if ... then conditions and do ... while loops. Thus the piece will differ in its shape from performance to performance. On the other hand I included a short section where the musicians are asked to improvise—for the very first time in my compositions. Perhaps I was looking for a way to combine mechanical patterns with liberalness and linked both instances with abstruse humour. At any rate, the piece is all about celebrating the principles of chamber music: playing together and reacting to whatever is happening on the stage.
Besides, Lizard Point is the most southerly point on mainland Great Britain.


Tenor recorder
percussion (one player: vibraphone, glockenspiel, woodblocks, tam-tam)

All players are to be equipped with a glass or a blottle and a metal spoon.


November 24, 2018 in Spittal an der Drau, Austria
EXPAN Festival 2018
Helga Jantscher, recorder
Christoph Hofer, accordion
Robert Rasch, violoncello
Igor Gross, percussion